Yateou wins Entrepreneurship Award in SVR ‘Good Robot’ Industry Awards

Founder: Dayo McIntosh

Founded: 2017

HQ: Oakland

Meet Yateou, the world’s first consumer facing six-axis robot for the beauty and wellness industry. Founder Dayo McIntosh had a dream and she commissioned a robot to help her achieve that goal. In her words, Yateou is “poised at the intersection of the clean beauty and sustainable movement, robotics (AI), and product customization, all emerging trends in the beauty and wellness industries, we are pioneers, building something that will be around for a long time”.
Yateou’s robot arm “ADE” makes and fulfills the custom product orders from inside a mobile truck or a popup display at markets, events and festivals. Dayo McIntosh says “Think of us as the “build-a-bear” of the beauty and wellness industries.” This is just the first step along the way for a passionate entrepreneur who wants to use robots for beauty and wellness.